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30 minutes First aid on an area of injury.

60 minutes Reclaim to treat the entire body and focus on trouble areas.

90 minutes Reset a deluxe treatment for deep relaxation. Perfect on entry into holidays or time off from work.

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Located in Townsville, north Queensland, Radiant Bowen Therapy offer professional services to help clients feel better.

Bowen therapy treats the whole body in the areas of soft tissue; muscles.

Our treatments are gentle and non-invasive, an ideal therapy for all ages and abilities. See us for pain relief and stress reduction. 

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Practitioner: Carla Hutchinson-Reade

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30 minute treatment

You have tweaked an area of your body in the most inconvenient time. It doesn't feel good and you need to be up and moving again.

What’s included: mini body function and alignment assessment, custom treatment plan, 20-30 minutes of healing Bowen therapy, tips for home care and exercises demonstrated in therapy.

30 minute treatment for $40.

First Aid is focused on the area of injury working to release discomfort and treat areas immediately proximal to the injury. This shorter treatment gets you into recovery mode with the bonus of tips for home care and gentle exercises to aid your recovery.

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60 minute treatment

You have suffered through a chronic condition or neurological disorder for too long. It's frustrating - you've tried 'everything' and you're ready to give pain it's marching orders.

What’s included: body function and alignment assessment, custom treatment plan, 1 hour of blissful Bowen therapy for $80.

Reclaim is gentle and effective for switching off pain receptors and loosening muscle fibres around areas of discomfort. Reclaim is ideal for you if other touch therapies currently feel too strong.

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90 minute treatment

You have a sweet day or a half to yourself coming up and life is moving at hyper speed. Gotta slow down and be pampered.

What’s included: body function and alignment assessment, custom treatment plan, your extended luxe Bowen, blended tea and essential oils by locals Plant Essentials and a 5 day Stress Combat Kit with love from Radiant, filled with goodies to help you maximise the benefits of your Bowen treatment. 2 hour deluxe treatment $120.

Reset is a luxurious extended treatment all about ‘you’ time. Designed to guide your mind and body from fright and flight into rest and recovery from the stresses life can throw at us. Described as a blissful form of meditation, it's also a perfect gift treatment for family and friends. Online gift vouchers are available.