Radiant Bowen Therapy is located in Townsville, north Queensland. The primary aim of our professional services is to help clients feel better. Bowen therapy is one of the most wholistic bodywork treatments available. We are known for our gentle and effective treatments, making us the perfect 'go to' for those looking for pain relief as well as stress reduction.  Treatments consist of sequences of small moves, each at specific sites, or trigger points of the body. The moves are gentle and non-invasive making Bowen the ideal therapy for all ages (including babies and the elderly) and abilities. 

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Practitioner: Carla Hutchinson-Reade

  • To recover from pain and injury, and improve overall body alignment.
  • Maintain peak fitness including speedier exercise/event recovery and
  • Reset your body functions, including the endocrine system for optimal health, better sleep and sustained mental health.  

Select a service from the Treatment Menu. If you are unsure what treatment you need, no problem just make an appointment and we can discuss your needs face-to-face. You can book at any time of the day or night for a time that suits you. You will receive an email with all of the details you need to relax into your session.  It's that easy. 

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You are active or heading in a healthy direction, (after all no one is perfect right) and want to recover more quickly from sessions at the gym, are training for an event or getting back into regular exercise.

Maintain aids faster recovery between exercise sessions, limits injury risk, is a body alignment treatment so you’re an efficient unit ready for optimal workout… or a stroll along the Strand because having a body optimal for life is just as important. 

What’s included: full body assessment, custom treatment plan, 1 hour of blissful Bowen therapy for $80.

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You have suffered through a chronic condition or neurological disorder for too long. It's frustrating - you've tried 'everything' and you're ready to give pain it's marching orders

What’s included: body function and alignment assessment, custom treatment plan, 1 hour of blissful Bowen therapy for $80.

Reclaim is gentle and effective for switching off pain receptors and loosening muscles and fibres around areas of discomfort. Reclaim is ideal for you if you experience heightened pain, are not ready for more active treatments but have set your mindset toward reclaiming your best health.


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You have tweaked an area of your body in the most inconvenient time. It doesn't feel good and you need to be up and moving again

What’s included: mini body function and alignment assessment, custom treatment plan, 20-30 minutes of healing Bowen therapy, tips for home care and exercises demonstrated in therapy with details sent to your email. 30 minute treatment for $40.

First Aid is focused on the area of injury working to release discomfort and treat areas immediately proximal to the injury to relieve inflammation and the body’s willingness for awkward compensatory movement, minimising further injury. This shorter treatment gets you into recovery mode with the bonus of tips for home care and gentle exercises to aid your recovery.   


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You have a sweet day or hour to yourself coming up and life is moving at hyper speed. Gotta slow down and be pampered

What’s included: body function and alignment assessment, custom treatment plan, your extended luxe Bowen, blended tea from local Tea Master, Tea at Henry's, aromatherapy oils by local aromatherapist, Aromatherapy for Wellbeing and a 5 day Stress Combat Kit with love from Radiant, filled with goodies to help you maximise the benefits of your Bowen treatment. 2 hour deluxe treatment $120.

Reset is a luxurious extended treatment all about ‘you’ time. Designed to guide your mind and body from fright and flight into rest and recovery from the stresses life can throw at us. Described as a blissful form of meditation, it's also a perfect gift treatment for family and friends. Online gift vouchers are available.